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Governor Jerry Brown
Statement: Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a state agency or employee of a state agency may not be held liable for any injury or damages resulting from any service provided by a certified access specialist whose name appears on this list published pursuant to Government Code section 4459.7(a).

Certified Access Specialists (CASp) with a "Yes" in the "Do Inspections" column are available for hire.

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Certified Access SpecialistPhone #EmailCert #Exp DateDo InspectionsInspection County(s)
Abarquez, Joey714-848-0487 CASp-315 9/15/2016
Abbott, Ron916-233-8882 CASp-135 9/22/2015
Abdaljawwad, Ola916-715-4904 CASp-161 11/18/2015
Adam, Jim408-225-7700jim@calvacpaving.comCASp-541 4/22/2017  
Adams, Theresa925-408-0393theresa.adams.casp@gmail.comCASp-596 11/25/2017Yes 
Adamson, Chris530-754-1016 CASp-133 9/21/2015  
Adler, Jonathan831-429-4191ja@access-compliance.netCASp-003 9/29/2017YesAlameda; Contra Costa; Marin; Monterey; Napa; Sacramento; San Benito; San Francisco; San Jose; San Luis Obispo; San Mateo; Santa Clara; Santa Cruz; Solano; Sonoma; Yolo - - - SEE WWW.ACCESSCOMPLIANCESERVICES.NET
Afschar, Tom626-808-5767 CASp-074 9/11/2015
Afshar, Afshan949-463-8924 CASp-303 9/9/2016
Agha, Obi916-708-1847 CASp-443 8/9/2015  
Agus, Chris818-548-3211 CASp-266 7/2/2016  
Alford, Terrance714-765-5153 CASp-222 6/24/2016
Allen, Ronald213-482-0077 CASp-534 2/12/2017
Altwal, Bassam925-421-0044bassam@calaccessibility.comCASp-109 9/14/2018YesSan Francisco; Contra Costa; Alameda; Santa Clara; San Mateo; Marin; Napa;Sacramento;
Amador, William805-530-3938 CASp-561 4/29/2017
Ames, Kevin760-987-5863kevin@amesinspections.comCASp-022 9/29/2017YesBased in Palm Springs - Available in the Coachella and Imperial Valleys, SD, OC, LA, IE and the High Desert.
Amestoy, David714-974-6357damestoy@roadrunner.comCASp-495 12/5/2016YesOrange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, San Bernardino, Kern, Ventura
Amor, William909-259-9971wamor@amorarch.comCASp-418 4/9/2018YesWilliam Amor, AIA performs CASp inspections within all California Counties.
Anderson, Douglas312-914-1717 CASp-457 11/13/2015
Anderson, Dawn408-422-6155CASp@asitstands.comCASp-050 4/23/2018YesArchitect, Expert Witness, ICC Combo, Inspector: ALL COUNTIES in Calif. & NATIONWIDE - Texas (RAS) / Commercial, Residential, & Public Premises / Design & Consulting / Plan Review & Inspection / Analysis, Reports & Opinions / Call or VISIT:
Anderson, James916-849-4529 CASp-328 9/22/2016YesSacramento, Placer, El Dorado and surrounding counties
Anderson, Mark213-222-6249 CASp-181 4/6/2016
Annan, Ali661-599-5709 CASp-507 12/6/2016
Arceo, Lumen209-456-8560 CASp-219 6/23/2016
Archibald, Brett949-475-2901 CASp-122 9/16/2015
Argueta, Gabriel310-597-5398 CASp-126 9/15/2015
Arnold, Steven707-246-1415Steve@adaHelp.infoCASp-215 6/23/2016YesSolano, Napa, Sonoma, Marin, Alameda, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Yolo, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Contra Costa (excluding Walnut-Creek).
Arteaga, Leonardo310-927-8359 CASp-055 4/23/2018  
Ashdown, Dwight415-552-5126 CASp-112 9/15/2015
Atilano, John559-688-5263john@laneengineers.comCASp-435 8/2/2018  
Austin, David805-583-6866 CASp-291 8/16/2016
Avallone, Vince415-814-6928vavallone@hga.comCASp-518 12/10/2016  
Azarvand, Behrouz949-330-0198 CASp-313 9/14/2016
Bailey, Todd925-866-2633 CASp-229 6/24/2016
Baldrati, Laura619-220-7464lbaldrati@cox.netCASp-086 9/13/2015  
Baldwin, Doug619-417-1479doug.baldwin7@gmail.comCASp-343 4/21/2017YesSan Diego County
Barnett, Ciara626-319-0441 CASp-501 12/5/2016  
Barrett, Bhree918-585-8555 CASp-585 8/22/2017
Battista, John818-470-4344inspectorjohn@rocketmail.comCASp-592 11/20/2017YesProviding CASp Facility Surveys, Plan Review, Consulting, and Expert Witness Testimony throughout all of Southern California. Experienced and Insured. Reasonable Rates.
Baughman, Jeff  CASp-465 11/14/2015  
Baviere, Olivier408-535-3555 CASp-565 4/30/2017  
Becker, Jeff661-993-2978USACASp@outlook.comCASp-468 11/15/2015YesLos Angeles,Kern, Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, Fresno, Tulare, King, Monterey.
Beem, Larry805-551-8666lcbeem@roadrunner.comCASp-115 9/15/2018YesVentura, Kern, Santa Barbara, Northern LA
Beilstein, Eric626-303-1669 CASp-386 8/11/2017
Bell, Brian 209-928-4887 CASp-243 6/25/2016
Bennett, Warren661-723-6176wbennett@cityoflancasterca.orgCASp-609 5/20/2018  
Bergstrom, William415-279-3326wmb0721@comcast.netCASp-586 8/24/2017  
Bernino, Michael916-804-3033 CASp-234 6/24/2016
Berthiaume, Deanna949-630-2134 CASp-477 1/3/2016  
Bevier, Annette559-448-9839 CASp-538 4/21/2017